The creator

Enchanting the beauty routines by creating a cosmetic which unites performance, pleasure and naturality… Here is the wish I have every day.
Fanny Marouani,, the Creator

POMARIUM came into being because of a deep-seated intuition: the secret to fresh and radiant beauty could come from the very heart of orchard fruits…

As a passionate entrepreneur, I draw on my scientific training in Cellular Biology and Nutrition, and my sharp knowledge of botanics, in order to study the nutritional and cosmetic properties of orchard fruits.

Créatrice Fanny

I have often been asked : among all the orchard fruits, why choosing the Apple?

Shared daily in my family, mythical fruit of my childhood, superfruit with magic properties, I have often been told as a secret, that the Apple kept a unique treasure.

This raw material is barely used in cosmetic, but scientific publications and research on its components are numerous and promising. The Apple gathers in its heart a lot of benefits.

Meeting other passionate people and further research have led me to take an interest in a molecule that remains unique in beauty care: lapple polyphenols.

This discovery made me want to go even further and harness all the benefits of the co-products of the fruit: skin, pulp, seeds, etc.

Interested by the biodiversity, I created a scientific commitee and launched research programs, in order to take a close look at the composition of different varieties of apples. This is how I discovered that some apples have unexpected benefits and have retained all their original properties from one generation to the next.

POMARIUM comes to fruition... and enjoys immediate success.

Breaking new ground in the world of beauty care, the first organic skincare range made with apple polyphenols was born in 2009.