A brand spirit, a spirit shared…
A continuous human adventure

Human values have always been very important for Fanny Marouani. At every stage in the development of her brand, she made sure that she was surrounded by true, sincere partners, chosen for their expertise and commitment. Today, POMARIUM would like to thank these people for supporting the brand and helping to make it a success from day one.

Action POMARIUM is involved in the annual voluntary offsetting of CO2 emissions associated with its activities. It does this through the Action Carbone program overseen by the GoodPlanet Foundation.

Development : Depuis Juin 2012, POMARIUM est adhérente de COSMED et Spa-A.

Graphic Design: Suzanne de SATRUSTEGUI (, Mélody CHAMPAGNE, Loïc BOUREUX, Erwann Le BOURG, Agence WESTERN DESIGN, Roxane LAGACHE.

Development: Erwann Le BOURG and Majory CUBIZOLLES

Photography: Palast Photographie (, Isabelle DEFAY, Sophie Le BERRE, Sébastien MAROUANI, Franck BELONCLE.

Films: Agence AT WORK and Julien MARIE.

Other brands whom we appreciate the work: Botanique Editions (

We also thank : Valérie CAI, Michael BRITES TEIXEIRA, Julia BRANKOVA, Nathalie ABOUAB, Sarah MAURICE, Charlotte LEMOINE, Paul BARROW, Soline PEROZ, Sarah BETTAYEB, Nah Awa FOFANA, Elisabeth REMY.