What's new at Pomarium

A brand that has already made a name for itself in the world of natural beauty care
Since its launch, the Pomarium brand has become a favorite with many professional make-up artists. There are even a few world-famous actresses and stylists who state that Pomarium is their new, favorite brand. Praised by journalists, the brand has also known great success with beauty professionals and customers who are looking for brands that take an innovative approach to natural beauty care.

Beyond Beauty Awards:
* Winner of the Beauty Pharma Award 2010
* Named the Beauty Blog Favorite 2010

Victoires de la Beauté award 2010-2011
The Concentrated Elixir Serum won this prestigious award in the Skincare category.

Observatoire des Cosmétiques
The Multi-Sensorial Cleansing Gel was recommended by the experts at the Observatoire des Cosmétiques in the 2010 Guide des Meilleurs Cosmétiques, in the Make-up Removers category.